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This is Aldo Kohler, and you've reached my website howtobuildawell.com I believe everybody needs to capitalize on the opportunity to gain control over valuable resources which one day may be in scarce supply. If you own a home, then it makes sense to build your own well in your backyard in order to enjoy the benefits of an endless supply of fresh, clean water. I've collected some useful information on this topic and I'm here to help you make it happen. Best wishes, Aldo

Build Your Own Well: Well Pumps Installation Basics

Its not enough to have your own well. Precise well pumps installation procedures are necessary to ensure water can be pulled upward and sent over a short distance to your home. You can do the well pumps installation yourself if you want or you can hire a professional to do the job for you. Below, we’ve listed a few tips that will help you out during the well pumps installation process.

Plan your piping before buying the pump. Do not buy a pump or try a well pump installation without having put in the piping for the water. The irrigation system for your home is also very important. Once the piping is in place and you know the amount of water you required for your home, you can choose the right pump. The well pump installation process will be easy after that.

Choose the right type of pump. The well pumps installation procedure will be different for every type of pump. Hand well pumps installation procedures are the simplest but they require manual hand power. Mechanical pumps come in several different models and types. For example, shallow well jet pumps are not submerged and have a pumping mechanism that is easy to use. Deep well pumps installation procedures are completely different and you may have to hire a professional to do the job for you. Submersible well pumps installation procedures are completely different as they generate a huge amount of pressure to move water.

Judge the performance of the pump before doing you well pump installation. Most pumps have performance labels that promise a certain amount of gallons per minute. However, the actual power may vary depending on the pump location, depth of the well and the distance of the well from the home. As a result, its necessary to check the performance of the well after the well pump installation by performing a pumping test.

Cheap pumps. There are companies that will try to sell you an irrigation pump. Please note that these irrigation pumps cannot be used in well. Buying and well pumps installation of these pumps may result in very little pressure.

Read the instructions. The manufacturer will usually supply a manual which will contain detailed instructions on how to carry out a specific well pump installations. We recommend that you read the instructions given in the manual carefully before proceeding. As there will be electrical connections, we recommend that you be very careful while doing the installation.

Although you well pump installation project may seem simple and easy, we do recommend that you get a professional to do the job. Drilling companies will drill the well, install the pump and set up the connections to your home in a few hours time. The company also offers a warranty for the entire procedure.

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